Monday, 16 July 2012

ICS update for HTC Desire HD reportedly canned (Update: Not)

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Back when HTC announced the list of handsets that will be receiving the Android 4.0 update, we were especially happy to see the aged Desire HD being part of the list, something we commended HTC on.
But it was not to be, as it seems the Desire HD won't be getting the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich update after all.
According to the Canadian carrier Telus, the Desire HD 4.0 update has been cancelled due to "poor device performance during testing". Now this could just be limited to devices on Telus' network but that seems highly unlikely.
It does seem strange why HTC would face issues with upgrading the Desire HD to Android 4.0. If you look at the device's hardware, it has the same processor as the HTC One V. In fact, it has more RAM (768MB) compared to the One V (512MB). And the One V runs Android 4.0 just fine.
It can't even be related to the internal memory as the Desire HD has more of it compared to the Desire S, which is getting the Android 4.0 update.
So we wonder what could be the real reason for not providing the update for the Desire HD. Perhaps HTC can come forth and provide a proper reason instead of just "poor device performance".
Update: According to a post on Facebook, the Android 4.0 update for the Desire HD is still on track and is expected in July-August. Only the handsets on Telus' networks won't be getting the update.

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