Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nokia completes Scalado technology acquisition

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Today Nokia announced that they have completed the acquisition of technologies, developers and intellectual property from imaging software specialists Scalado. The Finns first hinted at this deal last month, and they are now ready to finalize it.
As you may know, due to some reasons that the two companies have chosen not to disclose, Nokia is not actually buying the Scalado company, but only its personnel and technology. From a users' perspective there's little difference though, as the cool software features developed by the Swedish-based company will soon be making their way to Nokia smartphones.

In fact, Nokia Lumia users have already started seeing the benefits of the Nokia Scalado partnership with the camera extras update that was delivered at the end of June.
With hints getting stronger and stronger that we might see the first PureView-packing Lumia smartphone this Fall, the completion of this deal could only lead to more good news for cameraphone lovers. Imagine the power of that huge sensor combined with impressive software tricks like Scalado Remove andScalado Rewind and Smart Group Shot.

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