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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Legendary car maker Ferrari has now officially announced its entry into the Indian car market with their first dealership being in Delhi which will opened for business from May 26th, 2011 onwards. Shreyans group is lucky to get the first dealership in India. Now you may have ‘why Delhi?’ feeling. If that’s the case, within next few months there will be a dealership in Mumbai. Ferrari will be offering its entire line up of cars for their Indian customers. Yes, entire line up which includes cultured Ferrari California to the latest Ferrari FF.
This is not the first time entry for Shreyans group into the Auto market either. In fact, they are the official Ducati and Maserati distributors in India.
Ashish Chordia had said earlier, ” We are proud to announce the partnership with Ferrari, one of the Worlds most desired brand. The brand represents us the epitome of success. We will also establish highly qualified network of Ferrari dealers across India to satisy the needs of our customers.”
The cars can be bought for hefty price which will be in par with the foreign market. We’ve got confirmation of prices for some models such as Ferrari California Spider which will be costing Rs. 2.2 crore while a 458 Italia will decrease your bank balance by Rs. 2.56 crore. The 599 GTB is similarly priced at Rs. 3.37 crore and FF will retail for Rs. 4 crore. The car may not be for anyone. Obviously not meant for the middle class, however, it is the world’s most desired brand and it would be nice to see some of these beauties on our roads.

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