Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Google pulls the Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store in the US

Last week we reported that Apple successfully managed to block the sales of the Galaxy Nexus in the US, when the US court found Samsung/Google infringing upon some of Apple's search related patents.

Now we are finally seeing the effects of the ruling. You may know that Google began selling the GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play Store in the US. Well, not any more. As of now, the handset page only displays "Coming Soon" as the status message where you would normally expect to see the shipping info and the "Add To Cart" button. You can choose to have the site notify you as and when the phone is back on sale, if at all.
Of course, this could have nothing to do with the court ruling, and Google may just be out of stock, or halting the sales till Jelly Bean starts rolling out. But the fact that Apple has just posted a $95.6 million bond, an amount that Samsung demanded and is necessary for the injunction to take effect, suggests otherwise.
Before this, Samsung even tried to stay the injunction by appealing to the court but the court declined Samsung's motion, just the way it did for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which too remains banned in the US.
While it's clear now that you won't be able to purchase a new Galaxy Nexus for a while, there is no news on what will happen to people who have already ordered the device and are now waiting to get their handsets delivered.


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